Supporting The Allied Trades

Backdraft Products/Complete Promotional Product Specialists, LLC (Complete Promo) is a licensed union shop. As one of the country's largest supplier of custom embroidered/imprinted apparel and ad specialty products, Complete Promotional Product Specialists, LLC is proud to be a union shop maintaining membership with the St. Louis Typographical Union #8/CWA 14616. We are a licensed supplier of the IAFF, with membership in IAFF Local 2665 and written endorsements to the International by many of it's largest Locals.

We are the only union shop in the United States licensed to sew the Allied Trade "bug" and IAFF logo that offers both catalog (no minimum) sales and quantity program discounts on union logoed products.

When Union Matters and Prices Count...

Complete Promo is the resource that labor communities across the country can call. Our team recognizes and addresses the dilemma's of union executives and fire department official on a daily basis. Our programs and products offer the perfect solutions.

Using Complete Promo means that unions and organizations throughout the country can satisfy their apparel and accessory needs while maintaining support to the allied trades. Complete Promo/Backdraft is a cost effective alternative to stay within your budget! We are the best of both world's!

Product Origin

The world of promotional products, casualwear and duty apparel encompass over 800,000 unique items available with your logo. As the economy changes and technology advances it has made it increasingly more difficult for domestic companies to continue to offer the vast product line. The reality of the industry is that there are fewer and fewer "Made In The USA" products available daily. At Complete Promo we offer both "Made In The USA" products, as well as, the specific items and product lines available under our nations trade agreements.

You Can Count On Us!

Complete Promo has the largest maintained database of domestic promotional products in the industry. When "Union Made" and "Made In The USA" products are a requirement...Complete Promo is your source!


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Attention Union Officials and Members

Is your department and/or organization's screen printer union?

Is your department and/or organization's embroiderer union?

Are they actually licensed to reproduce a union bug?

-MOST screen printers and embroiderers are not union. Most suppliers are "jobbers" contracting your order out of house to nonunion embroiderers and printers.

-THE majority of departments are using nonunion shops and illegal reproductions of the logo!

-IN most departments, it is a fellow union member who is selecting the nonunion supplier!

-YOU and your union brothers and sisters need to support the Allied Trades and insist that purchases of all embroidered and imprinted apparel be from a union vendor.

Finally, Backdraft Products is here to help. Complete Promo/Backdraft is a licensed union shop supplier of embroidered, imprinted apparel, and ad specialty products. Proud to be a union shop, Complete Promo/Backdraft holds membership with the St. Louis Typographical Union #8/CWA 14616 and is owned/operated by an I.A.F.F. - Local 2665 member.

The styles and pricing for this catalog are for Union/Made In The USA, I.A.F.F. logo apparel only. Backdraft represents hundreds of manufacturers, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please call for information on custom merchandise programs.

Complete Promotional Product Specialists, LLC. specializes in servicing the Fire, EMS, and labor organizations, as well as the corporate community. This diversity along with our computerized embroidery capability and automated screen printing equipment, insures you the competitive pricing, quality merchandise, reliable delivery and union workmanship that you have been waiting for.

Let us supply your uniform and accessory needs. Please call for more information on our custom embroidery and screen printing programs.

We are the only embroidery shop in the United States licensed to sew the Allied Trade "bug" that offers both catalog (no minimum) sales and quantity program discounts on I.A.F.F. logoed products.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery on custom orders. Orders requested for Christmas should be received in our office by November 25 to assist in delivery. All styles and prices are subject to change without notice. "Made In The USA" goods are subject to distribution availability. No exchanges or returns on custom orders. All claims regarding any errors, omissions, and/or imperfections must be made within five(5) days of receipt of goods. Apparel carries manufacturer warranty. Complete Promotional Product Specialists, LLC makes every effort to provide top quality garments and embellishments.

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